Nil Re Ace
Merlin Jan Børge Frühwald

My name „Nil Re Ace“ is a profound reflection of my identity and artistic philosophy. Its origin stems from my real name, „Merlin“, read backwards and divided into three parts: „Nil Re M“, which then became Nil Re Ace.
„Nil“ symbolizes the flow of life and represents the element of water, as well as my spiritual connection to it. It serves as a metaphor for life through space and time.
„Re“ is an homage to the ancient Egyptian sun god, symbolizing light and the energy of fire. His name represents enlightenment and the search for inner truth.
The last part, „Ace“, arises from the simplification of the „M“ through its triple division in typography, replaced by the letters Ace, which symbolizes luck.

Artistic Vision and Works
My artistic vision is driven by a profound interest in the dimensional aspects of the space-time continuum, as well as fundamental questions about consciousness, emotion, and humanity. In my works, I explore the subtle sensitivity of these concepts and strive to express them through various media such as architecture, graphic design, illustration, and music. From art illustrations, painting, abstract architectural concepts to striking graphic designs, and atmospheric music compositions, my work spans across various forms of expression, inviting viewers to delve into a world of reflection and transformation.

Activities: RAWsense, Donnerkanzel
As a visionary and manifestor of the creative collective „RAWsense,“ I aim to create new intersections and forms in the realms of art, design, architecture, and space. Through collaborative events, activities, and creative partnerships, we seek to push boundaries and bring innovative ideas to life. Additionally, since September 2022, I have been a member of Donnerkanzel, where I serve as an Art Director in the field of graphic design. Here, I have the opportunity to visualize my artistic passion and develop innovative concepts.

My creative journey as Nil Re Ace is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of human expression and an investigation into the boundaries of consciousness. Through my works, I invite others to engage with profound questions about life and embark on their own inner journey. While my name may serve as a symbolic metaphor, my art is a vibrant manifestation of my quest for truth, beauty, and meaning in this world.

published in:
architecture:  city collage split (book)
bachelor and master design / architecture
Published: 2021
Publisher: TU Vienna Academic Press
Language: German
Editors: Ines Nizic, Mladen Jadric, Thomas Hasler

My art-illustrations were submitted by the Donnerkanzel collective for Visual Arts at Reinier Zonneveld’s event for the Longest DJ Live Set in electronic music, striving for a Guinness World Record entry, on 05.08.23 in the Netherlands.

16.09.2023 // DUALISM // RAWsense x Donnerkanzel
29.06.2023 // DUALISM II // RAWsense x Donnerkanzel

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